About us

We are a software company from Helsinki, Finland founded in 2014.
We aim to make people happier with their software tools and free them from routine manual work.

Our team

Anton Belousov


I'm creating and implementing software since 2004 and am always aiming to squeeze maximum of it. So inability to customize and extend cloud applications from user's side quickly became both my professional and personal pain, and in 2011 I started Taist as a pet project. The first customers were served in 2012 and I fully committed to Taist in February, 2014.
I am happily married, love skiing, history and strategic board games like chess or Game of Thrones.

Vladimir Rybakov


I met Vladimir im May, 2014 at a JS developer meetup. After numerous discussions and a test project we decided to push Taist together so he quit Skype in October 2014 to join Taist as a CTO. Vladimir is a competent and customer-focused developer and technical manager who pays attention to all aspects of the business. So he has left me no excuses for burying into development tasks instead of sometimes less pleasant business challenges.

Seed investor

Helsinki Ventures


Helsinki Ventures is an early-stage Finnish investor that was first to see the business potential beyond our technology. They run a great Customer Development Bootcamp program based on their experience and extensive network in Finland - minimum of theory and nursing, maximum of practice and self-responsibility. I have gone through it in May-June of 2014 and it has helped me greatly to understand the whole thing I'm in and to refine Taist's business model. After that HeVen decided to invest into Taist, and I was eager to continue working with them.

Interested? Join us!

I know that great people always have great drawbacks, so no superhero bullshit here: you can have any drawbacks as long as you truly try to control them and are also honest and smart, love what you do and truly respect other people. Then we will be able to create a great team and have an exciting journey together even if driving each other mad sometimes =)

We are looking for

Full-stack Developer

You will work on building Taist platform:

  • API and SDK for addon developers
  • addon appstore
  • sophisticated security and stability mechanisms

You will be able to take part in promoting Taist platform to developers and vendors:

  • technical blogging
  • talking at meetups and conferences
  • organizing hackathons
  • creating showcase addons and other projects

We expect you to:

  • be skilled full-stack Javascript developer
  • have 3 years of total software development experience

We use CoffeeScript, NodeJS, Angular

Biz dev guy

You will work building the whole Taist business model - together with me, doing just what I'm doing:

  • identifying customer segments and needs
  • deciding what solutions should we offer
  • creating approaches and channels to customers and partners
  • battle-testing and implementing everything you have invented

It's thinking AND doing - understanding where we are now, deciding where and how we should move next, and actually moving there.

You will do everything that doesn't involve writing code:

  • create and use all kinds of metrics - sales, products usage, company performance, etc.
  • conduct meetings, calls, emails and community discussions with users, customers and partners
  • analyze lots of cloud applications - functionality, customer profile, performance
  • do any other ad hoc stuff like managing a Google AdWords campaign or writing description for some add-on.

We expect you to:

  • either have software development-related background - developer, business analyst, etc.
  • or have technical or economic education

Our approach:

  • Lean Startup way - not pretending that we know everything but learning it on the go
  • Agile process - detailed short-term planning with long-term goals
  • Location: Moscow or Zelenograd are preferred, but remote work from any place is also an option